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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Job Interview (15 Feb 73)

Frank and Betty have just got married and are living with her mother prior to moving into a flat. Frank is busy breaking everything in sight. He's somehow managed to lose the coal shed door.

Frank goes for a job interview at a builders merchants, gets stuck in the lift for hours, gives the manager a nervous breakdown and upsets things so much that the staff promptly resign.

Also appearing:
Jane Hylton (Mrs Fisher), George Baker (Mr Lewis), Linda Hayden (Linda), Joe Dunlop (Mr Conway), John Ringham (Mr Rigby), James Wardroper (Mr Jackson)

2: George's House (22 Feb 73)

Betty's brother George designs automated systems for use in people's houses. His own house is full of the gadgets he's designed.

Frank and Betty are staying for the weekend. George is very worried because his boss is bringing Mr Fletcher, an important client, over to see George's devices in action. Will Frank spoil his chances of getting a lucrative contract?

One little mishap leads to another as Frank systematically wrecks every system in the house. Mr Fletcher storms off, refusing to sign the contract.

Also appearing:
Peter Green (George), Carolyn Hudson (Katherine), Michael Golden (Jack Downer), Barry Linehan (Mr Fletcher)

3: Love Thy Neighbour (1 Mar 73)

Betty's mother turns up at Frank and Betty's home late one evening, saying that she's left Betty's father. She makes out she's ill. Frank goes out to phone for a doctor. He asks a neighbour, a TV scriptwriter, if he can use his telephone.

The doctor initially calls at the neighbours house by mistake. When he finally finds the right house, he says there's nothing wrong with Mrs Fisher.

Frank realises he's picked up one of his neighbour's scripts by mistake. He goes across the road to return it. Betty unwittingly locks him out and goes to bed. Frank borrows a ladder from his neighbour and tries to climb in through a bedroom window. Another neighbour sends for the police, thinking a burglary is in progress.

Also appearing:
Jane Hylton (Mrs Fisher), Anthony Woodruff (Dr Smedley), Norman Chappell (Faraday), Geoffrey Whitehead (Osborne), Geoffrey Evans (First Policeman), Ken Haward (Second Policeman)

4: Have A Break, Take A Husband (8 Mar 73)

Frank and Betty are away on a second honeymoon. After Frank almost misses the train, they arrive at their destination and end up at a rather seedy boarding house.

In their room that night, Frank tries to move the bed and manages to tear the lino. Trying to hide the damage, Frank systematically demolishes the bedroom. He decides to swap some of the damaged contents of the room for similar items from another room. He manages to terrify the occupant of the room opposite, who persuades the manager to keep watch outside his room.

Frank and Betty decide to make their escape through a hole in the floor. There's no chance of the manager tracking them down, since Frank gave a false name and address when they registered.

Also appearing:
Neil McCarthy (Mr Bedford), Cyril Shaps (Kenny), John Caesar (Train Guard)

5: The Hospital Visit (15 Mar 73)

Betty is in hospital. Frank is doing his best to cope on his own, making a mess of shopping, destroying the back door and blowing up the steak and kidney pudding he's cooking for lunch.

Frank visits Betty in hospital. He spills fruit juice on Betty's bedspread and tries to swap it for one from another bed. A doctor mistakes him for another woman's husband and tells him he can take his wife home after supper.

That evening, Frank returns to the hospital to take Betty home. He ends up leaving the ward with all of the other women patients as well. A runaway bed means that Frank has to be admitted to the hospital as a patient.

Also appearing:
John D Collins (Dr Boyde), James Bulloch (Dr Roberts), Daphne Oxenford (Nurse Shaw), Rosemary Da Costa (Nurse Davis), Julia Breck (Nurse Taylor), Elisabeth Sladen (Judy), Elizabeth Begley (Mrs White), Deddie Davies (Miss Thomas), Kate Brown (Mrs Griffin), Ralph Watson (Mr Griffin), Norman Mitchell (Jackson)

6: The Psychiatrist (22 Mar 73)

Frank gets depressed after losing yet another job, so he's sent to see a psychiatrist. He tells the psychiatrist that he feels depressed because he's a "failure".

Frank describes his first meeting with Betty, their first date and his first meeting with Betty's mother, who mistook him for a gas engineer. He manages to convince the psychiatrist that he really is a failure.

Also appearing:
Jane Hylton (Mrs Fisher), Bernard Hepton (Webster), Elaine Garreau (Frank's Aunt), Roland MacLeod (Gas Man), John Scott Martin (Mr Brown)

7: The Employment Exchange (29 Mar 73)

The employment exchange has a new manager, Mr Bradshaw. He refuses to accept that Frank is 'unemployable' and sets about finding him a job he can hold down for more than a day. He rapidly learns that he's taken on a difficult task.

Mr Bradshaw sends Frank off to jobs as a window cleaner and as a removal man. Neither job lasts more than a few hours before Frank is back at the employment exchange.

Mr Bradshaw, in desperation, offers Frank a job at the employment exchange. Frank empties the contents of a tea urn into a computer, blows it up and does hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage. Mr Bradshaw fires him and suggests he tries working in Australia.

Also appearing:
George A Cooper (Mr Bradshaw), Edward Hardwicke (Mr Hooper), Dorothy Frere (Mrs Dobson), Derek Ware (Window Cleaner), Jack Watson (George), Jay Neill (Jack), Geoffrey Adams (Clergyman), Peter Wickham (Policeman)

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