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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: What Kind Of Fool Am I? (4 Jan 90)

When Zoe's decree nisi arrives at his office, Alec decides to take it round to her. He thinks it's cause for celebration. He's very surprised by Zoe's reaction.

Miles reveals that his wife Annabel has run off with a stonemason. He tells Alec that he's taking some time off to go after her.

Also appearing:
Piers Ibbotson (Kevin Angell)

2: I Remember It Well (11 Jan 90)

Zoe invites Alec to meet her parents properly. She regrets her invitation when he seems to have more in common with them than he has with her.

Also appearing:
Ronnie Stevens (Zoe's Father), Pamela Buckle (Hilary's Mother)

3: You're Driving Me Crazy (18 Jan 90)

Zoe wants to learn to drive, and Alec makes the mistake of trying to teach her. Hilary thinks Miss Flood has found a boyfriend. The postman delivers a novel written by Elvira Storm to Alec's office. But who IS Elvira Storm?

Also appearing:
Tony Millan (Mr Kennedy), Renu Setna (Mr Choudri)

4: Time After Time (25 Jan 90)

Alec seems to be tired all of the time and Zoe thinks she's responsible. She asks him to move in with her. Meanwhile, Jamie is thinking of moving in with his girlfriend and Simone doesn't approve. Back at the office, Alec suspects Miss Flood of drug dealing.

Also appearing:
Isabelle Lucas (Sonia), Oliver Pierre (Mr Bosdure), Lucy Hancock (Katherine), Lynsey Joseph (Tammie)

5: There's A Place For Us (1 Feb 90)

Alec can't make up his mind about moving into Zoe's flat. He's also having to deal with Simone's disapproval. Hilary has a row with her parents and moves in with Miss Flood.

Also appearing:
Isabelle Lucas (Sonia), Madeleine Christie (Alec's Mother), Thomas Chapman (Luke), Poppy Keeling (Esther)

6: No Other Love (8 Feb 90)

Alec and Zoe are finally living together. Alec thinks Zoe is paying too much attention to a new American teacher. When one of his old flames arrives back in town, Alec decides to make Zoe jealous. He doesn't seem to be succeeding.

Also appearing:
Sylvia Syms (Dollie Capper), William Durfis (Matt Hengan), Jill Simcox (Mrs Goodson)

7: My Funny Valentine (15 Feb 90)

Zoe and Alec have separated. In an attempt to bring about a reconciliation, Hilary organises a Valentine's Day dinner. Things don't work out as planned and Hilary finds herself out of a job.

Also appearing:
Sylvia Syms (Dollie Capper), Oliver Pierre (Mr Bosdure)

I'll See You In My Dreams (31 Dec 90)

Alec has been a solicitor for nearly twenty-five years. He's spent most of his career dealing with divorces and conveyancing. He wishes he could have just one big case to get his teeth into. When his office is broken into and he discovers that there have also been burglaries at other solicitors offices in the area, it looks as if his wish might be granted.

Also appearing:
Ronnie Stevens (Zoe's Father), Isabelle Lucas (Sonia), Bernice Stevens (Zelda), Tim Wylton (Alfred Fishwick), Richard Cubison (Sergeant Sidney Henderson), Rupert Holliday-Evans (Police Constable), Eric Francis (Cyril Radford)