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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: It Never Entered My Mind (2 Apr 89)

Zoe Angell's husband is having an affair, so she decides that she wantsa divorce. She goes to see a solicitor named Alec Callender.

Tactless remarks on both sides mean that things go badly and Zoe storms out. She decides that he doesn't understand about marital difficulties, assuming that he's happily married. Later, she meets Alec's son Jamie in a pub and he mentions that his mother died six years earlier after a long illness.

Zoe goes to see Alec again to apologise for her lack of tact. Meanwhile he's out looking for her so that he can also apologise. They finally meet up again and return to Alec's office together. When they walk in, Zoe sees her husband's pregnant mistress waiting in the reception area and runs off again.

Also appearing:
Sarah James (Janice Grimwood)

2: Fools Rush In (9 Apr 89)

Alec and Zoe meet for lunch. Alec decides she should see another solicitor. Meanwhile Zoe has reached a similar decision.

Alec and Jamie are summoned to Sunday Lunch with Alec's daughter Simone. When they arrive, Alec discovers that Simone has also invited Mrs Dawlish, a widow who's recently moved into the area. Simone has ideas about her father and the widow getting together, but Alec doesn't take to her. Alec is rescued by Jamie, who slips out and makes a phone call pretending to be a client. Alec makes his excuses and leaves.

Meanwhile, Zoe is trying (unsuccessfully) to introduce Roy Morgan-Jones to a spot of culture.

Back at the office, Alec rings Zoe and invites her to go to the theatre with him to see a musical version of "A Midsummer Nights Dream".

Also appearing:
Rosemary Leech (Avril Dawlish), Paula Jacobs (Doreen)

3: Send In The Clowns (16 Apr 89)

Alec and Zoe are both looking forward to their night at the theatre. Alec decides he needs a younger image, so he goes shopping for new clothes. Zoe sprains her ankle and can't go out. Alec takes Miss Flood to the theatre instead.

Next day, Alec goes to see Zoe, taking her some roses. He puts on an ass's head and sings one of the songs from the show. Zoe's mother and father arrive in mid-performance.

Also appearing:
Miranda Forbes (Marjory), Sean Gilder (Shop Assistant)

4: Anything You Can Do (23 Apr 89)

Alec is embarrased about the way he made a fool of himself in front of Zoe's parents.

When Zoe invites him to Sunday dinner, they both worry about whether or not they have anything in common. What will they find to talk about? Zoe starts reading Perry Mason novels and tries to find out something about the law. Alec starts playing squash and pays a visit to a local gym, where he bumps into Roy Morgan-Jones.

Sunday arrives and Alec goes to Zoe's flat for dinner. Zoe tries to talk about the law and Perry Mason novels, while Alec tries to talk about sport. They both realise that they'd be much better off just being themselves.

Also appearing:
Noel Dyson (Mrs Arlett)

5: They Didn't Believe Me (30 Apr 89)

It's Alec's 54th birthday and his daughter Simone is planning a birthday tea for him. Alec asks Zoe to accompany him. He tells Simone to lay an extra place at the birthday tea, but doesn't tell her about Zoe.

When they arrive for tea, Simone assumes Zoe is with Jamie. She's shocked when she discovers that Zoe is actually going out with her father.

Also appearing:
Myfanwy Talog (Mrs Delaforce/Fanny Whinburn), Paula Jacobs (Doreen), Susanne Forster (Sidney)

6: There's A Small Hotel (7 May 89)

Alec invites Zoe to his house for dinner. Just before she arrives, Miss Flood pays a visit. She's discovered that Miles Henty has invited Hilary to his country cottage for the weekend. She wants to discuss it with Alec.

Zoe and Alec enjoy their meal together, but it's obvious that his house is too full of memories of his dead wife, Jenny.

Miss Flood learns that Miles Henty has, in fact, offered to lend his cottage to Hilary and her boyfriend Derek.

Alec asks Zoe to go away with him for the weekend. They drive off and Zoe falls asleep in the car. Alec has second thoughts about going to a hotel, so he turns around and drives back to his house. Jamie, who's supposed to have gone away for the weekend, is there with his girlfriend. Alec pretends that he's just come back for a book he'd forgotten. He and Zoe go off to an all-night cinema.

Also appearing:
Isabelle Lucas (Sonia), Susanne Forster (Sidney)

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