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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: The Scout Hut (18 Oct 81)

The Scouts need a new hut and Richard is talked into helping to meet the cost. Richard takes Audrey out for a picnic.

2: Save The Railway Station! (25 Oct 81)

When the closure of the local railway station is announced, Audrey starts a campaign to save it. Richard, however, wants to buy it and have it converted into a supermarket.

Also appearing:
William Moore (Stationmaster)

3: Horses And Helicopters (1 Nov 81)

Audrey's Rolls Royce has broken down and she can't afford to have it repaired. Mrs Proctor is looking for someone to look after her riding stables while she's on holiday. Audrey takes the job and starts travelling everywhere on horseback

Richard has bought a helicopter and is taking flying lessons.

4: A Rare Bird (8 Nov 81)

Audrey has taken up beekeeping in an attempt to earn extra money. Richard has developed an interest in bird-watching. A rare bird is spotted on the estate. Unfortunately for Audrey, it turns out to be a Bee-Eater.

Marjorie organises a round-the-clock guard to protect the bird from "twitchers". Demand for Audrey's honey outstrips supply, so she starts buying honey from one of Richard's supermarkets and changing the labels.

Also appearing:
Charles Kay (Cadwallader)

5: A WIfe's Prerogative (15 Nov 81)

Richard is trying to clinch a lucrative cosmetics deal with a glamorous French businessman, Madamoiselle Dutoit. When she "propositions" him, he tells her that he's married. She invites herself to Grantleigh Manor to negotiate a contract, saying that she looks forward to meeting Richard's wife.

Audrey agrees to pretend to be married to Richard and moves into the Manor for the weekend. Mlle. Dutoit sees through the subterfuge, but signs the contract anyway.

Also appearing:
Rula Lenska (Mlle. Dutoit)

6: The Business Crisis (22 Nov 81)

Richard wants to make build a new refrigeration plant in Argentina, but he's opposed by his board of directors. Several members of the board conspire to have him removed as Chairman. It looks as if Richard is on his way out. Then Audrey talks her Uncle Greville into helping him to defeat his rivals.

Also appearing:
Ballard Berkeley (Greville Hartley)

7: Back To The Manor (29 Nov 81)

Audrey decides to sell her Rolls Royce in an attempt to improve her financial situation. Unfortunately, she's offered much less than she expected.

The sudden death of Audrey's Uncle Greville means that it looks as if Richard's boardroom rivals will regain the upper hand. Richard decides that the only way he can win his boardroom battle and finance a new freezer plant is to sell the Manor.

Audrey's uncle leaves his fortune to Audrey, who uses it to buy back Grantleigh Manor.

The series ends with the wedding of Richard de Vere and Audrey fforbes-Hamilton.

Written by:
Christopher Bond

To The Manor Reborn (25 Dec 07)

Audrey amd Richard have been married for nearly 25 years. A surpriuse anniversary party is planned.

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