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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: The New Farm Manager (5 Oct 80)

Richard employs a new farm manager, who sets out to make the Grantleigh Estate more efficient. This brings him into conflict with Audrey.

Brabinger is ill, so Richard suggests that Audrey 'borrows' Old Ned tas a temporary butler. Audrey agrees, but Ned suspects that Richard is just trying to get him out of his cottage. In fact, Richard is merely planning to have all of the tied cottages renovated.

2: The Spare Room (12 Oct 80)

One of Audrey's old school friends, Diana "Podge" Hodge, comes to stay for the weekend. The spare bedroom in the Lodge has a leaking ceiling, so Audrey asks Richard if her friend can stay at the Manor. Richard agrees. When Diana arrives, Audrey discovers that she's now slim, attractive and newly-divorced.

Audrey lets Diana use Ned's room and sends him to sleep at the Manor.

Richard takes Diana riding next morning and they don't return until evening, much to Audrey's disgust, saying that they stopped off at a pub for a meal.

That night, Audrey lets Diana use her room and sleeps at the Manor herself.

Also appearing:
Joan Blackham (Diana "Podge" Hodge)

3: The Vanishing China (19 Oct 80)

A valuable piece of antique china disappears from Richard's collection at the Manor. Suspicion falls on Audrey, who is getting estimates for expensive restoration work at the Lodge.

4: Tramps And Poachers (26 Oct 80)

Arthur Smith is an itinerant worker who roams the countryside doing odd jobs. Audrey always makes sure that he's well looked after, saying "Ever since the welfare state there haven't been enough tramps to go around".

Meanwhile, Richard and his gamekeeper are trying to deal with an outbreak of poaching.

Also appearing:
Bill Travers (Arthur Smith)

5: The Honours List (2 Nov 80)

Richard wants to modernise the Grantleigh Estate by getting rid of some of hedges to enlarge the fields. Audrey leads a campaign to 'save' the hedgerows.

There are rumours that a 'prominent' local man is about to figure in the New Year's Homours List. Audrey assumes, wrongly, that the person to be honoured is Richard, and has fantasies about being Lady de Vere.

6: Vive Le Sport (9 Nov 80)

Audrey has injured her back. She can no longer afford to see a 'private' doctor, so she's forced to use the National Health Service. Richard is planning to go on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. He asks Audrey to go with him.

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