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Beryl Hennessey (Polly James) shares a flat in Huskisson Street,Liverpool with Dawn (Pauline Collins).

When Dawn decides to move on, at the end of the first series, Beryl finds a new flatmate, Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes).

At the end of series 4, Beryl gets married and Carol Boswell (Elizabeth Estensen) takes her place in the flat.

The first nine series concentrated on the problems encountered by two young single women when dealing with boyfriends, work, parents and each other.

The programme was revived in 1996, with Beryl and Sandra now both coping with the aftermath of failed marriages. There was a strange lapse in continuity which resulted in Carol's mother and brother becoming Beryl's mother and brother. The revival was less than successful and no further programmes were made.

Series: 10
Episodes: 86
Transmitted: 1969-1996
Channel: BBC1

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