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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: "The Spot Of Art" (16 May 93)

Bertie is back in New York. He falls in love with a young artist and comissions her to paint a portrait of Aunt Agatha. Tuppy Glossop is trying to sell a recipe to an American soup magnate.

Also appearing:
Elizabeth Spriggs (Aunt Agatha), Robert Daws (Tuppy), Joss Brook (Eustace), Jeremy Brook (Claude), Deirdre Strath (Gwladys), Briony Glassco (Elizabeth), Marcus D'Amico (Lucius Pim), Harry Ditson (Slingsby), Marcia Layton (Mrs. Slingsby), Janan Kubba (Marion), Joseph Mydell (Coneybear), Devon Scott (May Prysock), Jack Johnson (Tootles), Thomas Johnson (Tootles)

Adapted from:
Very Good, Jeeves
  Chapter 6 : The Spot Of Art
The Inimitable Jeeves
  Chapter 16 : The Delayed Exit Of Claude And Eustace
Carry On, Jeeves
  Chapter 8 : Fixing It For Freddie

2: "Jeeves In The Morning" (23 May 93)

Bertie has to arrange a secret meeting between two millionaire businessmen. Stilton Cheesewright thinks that Bertie is after his fiancee, Lady Florence Craye.

Also appearing:
Nicholas Palliser (Stilton), Francesca Folan (Florence), Nigel Whitmey (George), Jennifer Gibson (Nobby), Frederick Treves (Worplesden), John Cater (Clam), Sam Douglas (Corrigan), Joseph Mydell (Coneybear), Peter Carlisle (Bookseller), Michael Crossman (Billy ), Thomasine Heiner (Secretary), Gregory Sweeney (Reporter), Amy Tolsky (Reporter), Richard Brake (Reporter), John Alexander (Gorilla), Kristopher Milnes (Edwin), Kim Barrand (Chorus Girl), Kim McCarthy (Chorus Girl), Di Cooke (Chorus Girl), Alison Jenkins (Chorus Girl ), Nola Haynes (Chorus Girl), Sue Hadleigh (Chorus Girl)

Adapted from:
Jeeves In The Morning

3: "Bingo And The Little Woman" (30 May 93)

Bingo Little is in love with another waitress. He wants Bertie to help him to talk his uncle into allowing him to marry. Honoria Glossop is looking for a husband, so Bertie has to find a suitable suitor before she decides to settle for him.

Also appearing:
Pip Torrens (Bingo), Anastasia Hille (Rosie M. Banks), Philip Locke (Glossop), Liz Kettle (Honoria), Geoffrey Toone (Lord Bittlesham), Veronica Clifford (Myrtle Snap), Otto Jarman (Blair), David Healy (Waterbury), Serretta Wilson (Trixie), Paul Kynman (Porky Jupp), Edmund Dring (Dobson), Peter Carlisle (Bookseller), Joseph Mydell (Coneybear)

Adapted from:
The Inimitable Jeeves
  Chapter 17 : Bingo And The Little Woman
Jeeves and the Greasy Bird

4: "Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit" (6 Jun 93)

Aunt Dahlia has pawned a pearl necklace. She wants Jeeves to help her to retrieve it.

Also appearing:
Jean Heywood (Aunt Dahlia), Francesca Folan (Florence), Nicholas Palliser (Stilton), Walter James (Percy Gorringe), Ralph Michael (Uncle Tom), Sylvia Kay (Mrs. Trotter), John Rapley (Mr. Trotter), Peter Howell (Magistrate), James Ottaway (Mr. Burwash), Ian Collier (Seppings), Richard Dixon (Oofy), Rex Doyle (Pawnbroker), Jon Croft (Policeman), Peter Diamond (Policeman), Jim Barclay (Policeman)

Adapted from:
Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit

5: "Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves" (13 Jun 93)

The Bassett family is affected by a curse.

Also appearing:
John Turner (Spode), John Woodnutt (Sir Watkyn), Elizabeth Morton (Madeline), Charlotte Attenborough (Stiffy), Richard Braine (Gussie), Simon Treves (Stinker), Norman Rodway (Major Plank), Sidney Livingstone (Oates), Emma Hewitt (Emerald), Colin McFarlane (Toto), Preston Lockwood (Butterfield)

Adapted from:
Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

6: "Much Obliged, Jeeves" (20 Jun 93)

The Ganymede Club book contains information about members of the nobililty recorded by their servants. When the book disappears, Jeeves is called upon to aid in its retrieval. Plans for Madeline Bassett's wedding go awry.

Also appearing:
Elizabeth Spriggs (Aunt Agatha), John Turner (Spode), John Woodnutt (Sir Watkyn), Robert Daws (Tuppy), Elizabeth Morton (Madeline), Francesca Folan (Florence), Julian Gartside (Ginger), Fred Evans (Brinkley), Selina Cadell (Mrs. McCorkadale), Sidney Livingstone (Oates), Fiona Christie (Magnolia), Preston Lockwood (Butterfield), Geoffrey Drew (Vicar)

Adapted from:
Much Obliged, Jeeves