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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: "The Pride Of The Woosters" (22 Apr 90)

Bertie Wooster is sleeping off a "late night" when thedoorbell rings. Standing on the doorstep is Jeeves, who's been sent by adomestic employment agency to be Bertie's new valet.

Bertie's Aunt Agatha wants him to propose to the awful Honoria Glossop. Bertie takesJeeves and sets off to spend the weekend at the Glossops' country house.When he arrives, he discovers that his old friend Bingo Little has beenemployed as tutor to young Master Oswald Glossop.

Bingo tells Bertiethat he's madly in love with Honoria, so Bertie comes up with a schemeto help Bingo to impress her. The scheme backfires and Bertie ends upengaged to Honoria.

Aunt Agatha orders Bertie has to invite Honoria'sparents to tea, so that they can "look him over". With thehelp of three cats, a fish and a stolen hat, Jeeves manages to convincethe Glossops that Bertie is "completely gaga" and thereforeunsuitable for their daughter.

Also appearing:
Mary Wimbush (Aunt Agatha), Michael Siberry (Bingo Little), Elizabeth Kettle(Honoria Glossop), Roger Brierley (Sir Roderick Glossop), Jane Downs(Lady Glossop), Alistair Haley (Oswald Glossop), John Woodnutt (SirWatkyn Bassett), Jason Calder (Lord Rainsby), Ian Jeffs (EustaceWooster), Hugo E. Blick (Claude Wooster), Adam Blackwood (BarmyFotheringay Phipps), Justine Glenton (Daphne Braithwaite), Robert Daws(Tuppy Glossop), Richard Stirling (Boko Fittleworth), Richard Dixon(Oofy Prosser), John Duval (Freddie Chalk-Marshall), Michael Ripper(Drones Porter), Tim Barker (Cabbie)

Adapted from:
The Inimitable Jeeves
  Chapter 5 : The Pride Of The Woosters Is Wounded
  Chapter 6 : The Hero's Reward
  Chapter 7 : Introducing Claude And Eustace
  Chapter 8 : Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch

2: "The Dog McIntosh" (29 Apr 90)

Bertie is spending the weekend at the country home of the Wickhams. Hetells Jeeves that he's in love with young Bobbie Wickham and plans topropose to her. Jeeves doesn't approve.

Against all the odds, Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps beats Bertie in the annual Drones Club Golf Tournament. Bertie is determined to get his revenge. Bobbie Wickhamsuggests creeping into Barmy's bedroom at midnigh and piercing his hotwater bottle with a darning needle. Unknown to Bertie, she makes asimilar suggestion to Barmy. Both Bertie and Barmy end up having toleave chez Wickham in disgrace. Bertie announces to Jeeves that"love is dead".

Aunt Agatha has left Bertie in charge ofher dog, McIntosh, while she's abroad. When Bobbie Wickham gives the dogto the son of a Broadway producer, Bertie can't bear to contemplate thedire consequences. Jeevs comes up with a plan to save the day.

Tuppy Glossop has become infatuated with Cora Bellinger, an opera singer. Inconsequence, he's stopped seeing Bertie's cousin Angela, who isheartbroken. Jeeves devises a cunning scheme to rectify the situationwhich involves Bertie, Tuppy and Cora singing the same song at a concertorganised by Rev Beefy Bingham for some East End "toughs".

Also appearing:
Mary Wimbush (Aunt Agatha), Brenda Bruce (Aunt Dahlia), Robert Daws (Tuppy Glossop), Nina Botting (BobbieWickham), Adam Blackwood (Barmy Fotheringay Phipps), Rosemary Martin(Lady Wickham), Brian Haines (Sir Cuthbert Wickham), Constance Novis(Cora Bellinger), Michael Poole (Prof Cluj), Zulema Dene (Aneta Cluj),Billy Mitchell (Mr Blumenfield), Anatol Yusef (Sydney Blumenfield),David Blake Kelly (Enoch Simpson), Owen Brenman (Rev Beefy Bingham),Michael Ripper (Drones Porter), Scilla Stewart (Pianist)

Adapted from:
Very Good, Jeeves
  Chapter 3 : Jeeves & The Yuletide Spirit
  Chapter 4 : Jeeves And The Song Of Songs
  Chapter 5 : The Episode Of the Dog McIntosh

3: "The Purity Of The Turf" (6 May 90)

Bertie's Uncle George has become engaged to a young waitress. AuntAgatha disapproves, so she orders Bertie to offer the girl money tobreak off the engagement.

Jeeves suggests that Bertie invites thegirl's aunt round to tea so that Uncle George can meet her. She turnsout to be a barmaid that Uncle George was involved with some yearsbefore. Uncle George goes off the idea of marrying the waitress, butannounces his intention of marrying her aunt instead.

To escape AuntAgatha's wrath, Bertie decides to accept an invitation to spend sometime at Twing Hall. He takes Jeeves and heads off into the country. Whenthey arrive, they find that Bingo Little has organised a bettingsyndicate to make some money at the village sports day.

RupertSteggles, a fellow guest at Twing Hall, is running a book on the event.He manages to "nobble" all of the syndicate's "fanciedrunners". In spite of this, Jeeves finds a way of making a profitfor the syndicate. He also arranges for the odious Steggles to "gethis comeuppance".

Also appearing:
Mary Wimbush (Aunt Agatha), Nicholas Selby (Uncle George), Paula Jacobs (Maud Wilberforce),Michael Siberry (Bingo Little), Richard Braine (Rupert Steggles),Charles Millham (Freddie Widgeon), Jack Watling (Lord Wickhammersley),Richenda Carey (Lady Wickhammersley), Helena Michell (Cynthia), CherylPay (Mavis), Georgia Allen (Hildegarde), Kelly Cryer (Myrtle), RuthBurnett (Beryl), Jack May (Vicar), Ben Davis (Harold Harmsworth), JamesPatten (Ted Tucker), Michael Ripper (Drones Porter), Norman Lumsden(Buffers Porter), Richard Dixon (Oofy Prosser), Richard Stirling (BokoFittleworth), John Duval (Freddie Chalk-Marshall), Beryl King (Mrs.Penworthy), Deddie Davies (Serving Lady), Margaret Lawley (Serving Lady)

Adapted from:
Very Good, Jeeves
  Chapter 10 : The Indian Summer Of An Uncle
The Inimitable Jeeves
  Chapter 14 : The Purity Of The Turf

4: "Right Ho, Jeeves (1)" (13 May 90)

Bertie's Aunt Dahlia invites him to stay at Brinkley Court. She wantshim to give out the prizes at nearby Market Snodsbury Grammar School.

Bertie is also visited by Gussie Fink-Nottle, who tells him that he'sfallen in love with Madeline Bassett. Since the lady in question isstaying at Brinkley Court, Bertie talks Gussie into going there in hisplace. He suggests that he should "lay off the food" to showMadeline that he's 'pining' for her. He sends his Aunt a telegramtelling her that Gussie will be presenting the prizes.

Aunt Dahlia sends Bertie a telegram by return, ordering him to come to BrinkleyCourt at once. She needs to talk her husband, Tom, into giving her money for the magazine she runs. Bertie suggests that she should refrainfrom eating to show him that she's worried about something.

Tuppy Glossop is also staying at Brinkley Court. He's had a row with Angela,so she now refuses to talk to him. Bertie suggests that Tuppy shouldalso refuse food to show Angela how upset he is.

As a result of Bertie's various schemes, Anatole the chef gets upset and hands in hisnotice. Aunt Dahlia is furious. She orders Bertie to leave Brinkley Court at once.

Also appearing:
Brenda Bruce (Aunt Dahlia), Ralph Michael (Tom Travers), Amanda Elwes (Angela Travers), Richard Garnett (Gussie Fink Nottle), Robert Daws (Tuppy Glossop), FrancescaFolan (Madeline Bassett), John Barrard (Anatole), Adam Blackwood (BarmyFotheringay Phipps), Richard Dixon (Oofy Prosser), Michael Ripper (Drones Porter)

Adapted from:
Right Ho, Jeeves

5: "Right Ho, Jeeves (2)" (20 May 90)

Aunt Dahlia asks Jeeves to go and persuade Anatole to return to BrinkleyCourt. Jeeves succeeds in his mission.

Bertie returns to BrinkleyCourt, to a frosty reception from Aunt Dahlia. He makes another attemptto reconcile Tuppy and Angela, but only succeeds in making mattersworse.

Bertie puts gin in Gussie's lunchtime orange juice. Gussiegets drunk and makes a complete fool of himself at the Market SnodsburyGrammar School prizegiving. Madeline is so upset that she refueses tohave anything more to do with him. She announces her intention to mmarryBertie Wooster instead.

Next day, Tuppy tells Bertie that Angela isnow engaged to Gussie. He announces that he intends to turn Gussieinside out and "make him swallow himself".

Jeeves comes upwith a scheme which involves Bertie ringing the fire bell at BrinkleyCourt in the middle of the night. After the plan has been put intoeffect, everyone files out of the house. Then it's discovered that thedoors have been closed and nobody has a key. Bertie is sent off on abicycle to find Stebbings the butler and get the front door key from him.

Bertie cycles nine miles through a thunderstorm in his nightattire, then discovers that Stebbings had left the key with Jeeves. WhenBertie returns to Brinkley Court, he finds that everyone has been sobusy blaming him for their lockout that they have all forgotten theirdifferences. This, of course, was Jeeves' intention all along.

Also appearing:
Brenda Bruce (Aunt Dahlia), Ralph Michael (Tom Travers), Amanda Elwes (Angela Travers), Francesca Folan (Madeline Bassett), Robert Daws (Tuppy Glossop), Richard Garnett (Gussie Fink Nottle), Adam Blackwood (Barmy Fotheringay Phipps), Richard Dixon (Oofy Prosser), John Barrard (Anatole), Peter Hughes (Headmaster), Neil Hallett (Seppings), Joan White (Old Woman), Henry Power (G.G. Simmons), Declan Traynor (P.K. Purvis)

Adapted from:
Right Ho, Jeeves

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