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Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) is a 'young gentleman' of limited intellect who has a tendency to get into 'scrapes'.

His manservant, Jeeves (Stephen Fry), on the other hand, is a man of 'considerable brain' who can usually be relied on to come up with a way of getting Bertie out of trouble or rescuing him from the clutches of some 'unsuitable' female or other.

Jeeves and the 'young master' don't always see eye to eye on sartorial matters. As a result, Jeeves is sometimes reluctant to 'save the day' when required to do so.

On many occasions, the outcome of Jeeves' schemes tends to favour his own wishes and opinions, rather than those of his master.

Series: 4
Episodes: 23
Transmitted: 1990-1993
Channel: ITV

Granada Television
Picture Partnership
Carnival Films

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