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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Away From it All (10 Apr 77)

Tom and Barbara need a short break. Jerry offers to arrange for them to stay in a Mayfair flat belonging to one of his friends. He and Margo offer to look after the animals for the weekend.

The Goods finally agree to go away for three days.

After staying away for one night, they get so worreied about what might be going wrong at home that they rush back to Surbiton.

2: The Green Door (17 Apr 77)

Margo is supposed to be spending two afternoons a week at the pony club stables. When Tom and Barbara visit the stables to ask for some manure, they learn that Margo hasn't been there for months.

Then they see Margo going into a house in the town. They assume that she's having an affair. They worry about Jerry's reaction when he finds out.

We eventually learn that Margo has been involved in a 'weight watching' class.

3: Our Speaker Today (24 Apr 77)

Margo asks Barbara to give a talk about self-sufficiency at a local women's group. Everyone is very impressed with Barbara's performance. For a while, she's in demand as a public speaker. Eventually, she decides that it's taking up too much of her time.

Angela Thorne and Robert Lindsay make guest appearances in this episode.

4: The Weaver's Tale (1 May 77)

Tom and Barbara have managed to make a 10 pound profit. Tom uses the money to buy a loom from a second-hand shop.

Meanwhile, Margo has gone shopping. She buys a spinning wheel from an antique shop. Jerry has decided to "put his foot down" and stop Margo's spending sprees. He refuses to pay for the spinning wheel. Margo tells Tom and Barbara that she's leaving Jerry. She spends the night at Tom and Barbara's house.

Next day, Jerry gives in and buys the spinning wheel for Margo. Tom thinks that he'll be able to to borrow it when he needs to spin wool. Margo reveals that it's actually a musical box!

5: Suit Yourself (8 May 77)

The Goods decide to use their new loom to make cloth. Tom becomes the proud owner of a bright green woollen suit.

Jerry becomes involved in a fight to become JJM's new Managing Director.

6: Sweet and Sour Charity (15 May 77)

Margo's music society are planning to put on a new production. Margo wants them to do "The Merry Widow", but everyone else votes for "Sweet Charity". Margo is appalled. She thinks that the musical in question is "smutty". She objects to dressing up like a "tart".

Tom discovers that his neighbour has moved and left a large tank half full of heating oil. He wants to swap the oil for some straw. It looks as if someone else is taking the oil. By the time he manages to contact the former owner and get permission to take the oil, the tank is empty. Then Tom discovers that the tank is leaking. The oil has seeped away into the soil in the Goods' garden, polluting it.

7: Anniversary (22 May 77)

Tom and Barbara decide to sell their record collection to get enough money to build a new pig sty and to repair the damage done to their garden by the oil leak.

It's Tom's birthday. It's also the second anniversary of the Goods' decision to try self-sufficiency.

Jerry learns that he has been appointed Managing Director of JJM. While Tom and Barbara are next door helping the Leadbetters to celebrate, someone breaks into the Goods' house and smashes it up.

Jerry tries to persuade Tom to return to his old job with JJM, but the Goods decide to carry on with self-sufficiency.

Silly, But It's Fun (26 Dec 77)

Margo sends back the Leadbetter's Christmas supplies, so the Leadbetters spend Christmas with the Goods.

When I'm 65 (10 Jun 78)

This special feature was produced at the time of the 1978 Royal Variety Performance. It consisted of a number of linked sketches, together with 'behind the scenes' segments from the Performance. George Cole appeared in one of the sketches as a bank manager.