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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Plough Your Own Furrow (4 Apr 75)

Tom Good decides to leave his job and, with the help of his wife Barbara, sets out to convert their Surbiton home into an urban farm.

2: Say Little Hen ... (11 Apr 75)

The Goods are looking for animals. Their next door neighbors, Jerry and Margo Leadbetter, try to persuade them to return to 'normal'.

3: The Weaker Sex? (18 Apr 75)

Barbara has problems with a cast iron stove.

4: Pig's Lib (25 Apr 75)

The Goods get some pigs - Margo is not amused!

5: The Thing in the Cellar (2 May 75)

Tom finds a new use for dung.

6: The Pagan Rite (9 May 75)

Should Tom forget his principles and take a job to help to pay the bills?

7: Backs to the Wall (16 May 75)

It's the day before their first harvest and Tom has hurt his back. Barbara has only three days to bring in the harvest before it rots.

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