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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: Mine's A Double (18 Apr 99)

Gary passes through the time portal during a thunderstorm. He gets struck by lightning. He ends up with an evil 'twin' who wants to get rid of 'original' Gary and take his place.

The 'bad' version of Gary almost succeds in killing off 'original' Gary, but is foiled by 'good' Gary, yet another 'twin'.

The three versions of Gary travel through the time portal together and are merged back into one person.

Written by:
Gary Lawson & John Phelps

2: All About Yvonne (25 Apr 99)

Gary and Yvonne have a row and she throws him out. He goes round to see Ron, but finds him entangled with a woman named Flic.

Gary goes back to the past, but only manages to upset Pheobe by calling her Yvonne. Pheobe thinks he's having an affair.

Back in the present, Yvonne seems to have found herself an Italian 'toy boy' named Roberto. Gary talks Ron into bringing Flic along to a restaurant where Yvonne and Roberto are having a meal. Gary flirts with Flic, trying to make Yvonne jealous. She agrees to take him back.

Back in the past, Gary manages to think up a plausible 'cover story' to explain why he called Pheobe by the wrong name.

Written by:
Gary Lawson & John Phelps

3: California Dreamin' (2 May 99)

Phoebe is told by the brewery that she'll have to give up the tenancy of the Royal Oak. She tells Gary that she wants them to move to California.

Reg Deadman learns that he's being retired from the police force.

Back in the present, Yvonne tells Gary that she also wants to move to California. Gary isn't at all keen on the idea, since it would make time travelling rather difficult.

Yvonne reveals that she's to be the model for a 130-foot-high perspex statue in the Millenium Dome.

Gary manages to distract Pheobe from any more thoughts of going to California by buying a night club and putting her in charge of it.

Gary goes to Reg's 'leaving do' in the Church Hall. He and Reg are the only people there. Reg finds a job as 'Sergeant Commissionaire' in the building where Gary and Pheobe live. Phoebe also gives him a job in the nightclub.

Yvonne decides to postpone the move to California for a while.

Written by:
Sam Lawrence

4: Grief Encounter (16 May 99)

Noel Coward wants Pheobe to appear in his new film, "Brief Encounter". She wants to sing one of Gary's 'compositions' in the film, with Gary playing the piano. He's worried because it will create very visible evidence of his time in the past. Noel eventually decides to use a professional songwriter named Tony Blair instead of Gary.

Yvonne's company, "Nature Boy", is the subject of a hostile takeover bid by a US conglomerate. She doesn't want to sell, but finds that her partner, Clive, is plotting behind her back. She decides to go to California to sort things out.

Gary thinks that Phoebe is getting too friendly with Tony Blair. He follows her to the film studio where "Brief Encounter" is being filmed. Seeing Phoebe and Tony together, Gary starts a row, then discovers that they are appearing in a scene from the film. Noel Coward says that he's decided to drop the nightclub scene because Celia Johnson isn't happy with the idea.

Yvonne changes her mind about going to California. She agrees to sell "Nature Boy" for a small fortune.

Written by:
Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

5: The 'Ouses In Between (23 May 99)

A wartime taxi ride brings Gary to the 'wrong' end of Ducketts Passage. When he walks down the passage, he finds himself back in the 1890s. He ends up meeting Marie Lloyd, who bears a striking resemblence to Yvonne. He also has a close encounter with Jack The Ripper.

Written by:
Geoff Rowley

6: Just In Time (30 May 99)

Gary finds a stranger wandering about at the back of his shop. He turns out to be a 'time engineer' and it seems that he may be planning to close down the time portal back to the 1940s.

Gary has to decide whether to stay permanently in the present or to live out his life back in wartime London. He chooses to go back to the past, telling Ron that he can have all of the stock from the shop.

Ron meets a time traveller from the future and sells him all of Gary's stock, but makes the mistake of giving him credit.

Gary needs some supplies for his wartime family's Christmas celebrations. He decides to make on last trip to the present. When he arrives, he meets the time engineer again and is told that the time portal has been closed down. It turns out that it's the time portal leading to the future that has had to be closed, rather than the one leading to the 1940s.

Ron is upset because there is now no way that he'll be paid for Gary's stock. Gary, however, is happy because he can continue to live his double life.

Written by:
Geoff Rowley

7: How I Won The War (6 Jun 99)

Gary and Phoebe are talked into joining a variety troupe which is sent to entertain the allied troops in Belgium.

The soldier driving their truck gets lost and the party is trapped in a barn behind enemy lines. Gary shows his heroic side, impersonating Adolf Hitler in the process. The group of entertainers managed to defeat their German pursuers before being rescued by Allied soldiers.

Back in England, Ron's affair with Flic comes to a sudden end and Yvonne has amazing news for Gary.

Written by:
Sam Lawrence

8: Something Fishie (13 Jun 99)

Gary and Pheobe have problems with a protection racket. Yvonne gets a shock.

Written by:
Sam Lawrence

9: Flash, Bang, Wallop (21 Jun 99)

Gary has to find a way to prevent a compromising photoograph from surfacing in the present.

Written by:
Paul Alexander & Simon Braithwaite

10: Accentuate The Positive (28 Jun 99)

The war is coming to an end. Gary manages to save the life of Clement Attlee. Then he finds that the time portal has closed and he can't return to the 1990s. He has to spend the rest of his life in the past.

Written by:
Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran