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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (17 Nov 95)

Faith's son and daughter have left home. She's looking forward to a degree of freedom she hasn't known for many years. Then Hannah, who went off on a trip around the world, arrives back unexpectedly with nowhere to live.

2: Naked Ambition (24 Nov 95)

Faith's boss, Gareth Brown, invites her to dinner at his home.

3: Prickly Heat (1 Dec 95)

Faith keeps getting hot flushes. She can't decide whether it's the menopause or flu.

4: Break Up Break Down (8 Dec 95)

Faith discovers that Paul, her new boyfriend, is seeing another woman.

5: Odd Job (15 Dec 95)

Faith may have a chance of promotion.

6: Food Of Love (22 Dec 95)

Hannah kisses Jools to see if there's any possibility of things developing between them.

7: A Moving Moment (29 Dec 95)

Hannah is planning to move out of Faith's flat to live with her boyfriend.

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