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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Catering (25 Nov 99)

A young girl named Sigourney starts a period of "work expoerience" in the canteen. She's given a rather unusual view of life in catering.

Some decorators turn up saying that they've been told to paint the canteen. Philippa was supposed to warn the staff, but had forgotten.

The decorators manage to jam a long ladder across the kitchen. Glenda the Bread Woman gets stuck behind the laffer, so Stan os forced to saw the end off to let her escape.

The staff are given the day off so that the canteen can be repainted.

2: Trouble (2 Dec 99)

Jean is in a terrible mood because her husband has run off with a "lipless Welsh dental hygienist". After driving everyone to distraction, Jean is sent away to stay with her sister.

Also appearing:
Sue Devaney (Jane), Linda Bassett (Peggy), Judy Flynn (Val), Steve Huison (Steve), Jonathan Magnanti (Man), Kaleem Janjua (Reg)

3: Holidays (9 Dec 99)

Tony talks Bren into joining him for a holiday trip to Marbella. Thanks to Petula's carelessness, things don't go according to plan.

Also appearing:
Kate Robbins (Babs), Sue Devaney (Jane), Adrian Hood (Norman), Steve Huison (Steve), Peter Martin (Peter), Graham Turner (Pie Man)

4: Fog (16 Dec 99)

A visit from a team looking for blood donors causes problems for Bren but brings Stan the prospect of romance. An escaped prisoner worries the staff.

Also appearing:
Sue Devaney (Jane), Sue Cleaver (Glenda), Paul Rider (Sue), Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), Tina Malone (Bobbie), Howard Crossley (Barry), Mark Drewry (Tom), Nick Malinowski (Policeman), Christine Moore (Woman), Angelica Curran, Gillian Perry (Customers)

5: Gamble (23 Dec 99)

Jane bets some of the staff that Bren and Tony won't "get it on" before Christmas. Bren gets an unwelcome surprise.

Also appearing:
Sue Devaney (Jane), Adrian Hood (Norman), Mark Drewry (Tom), Liz Hume-Dawson (Girl), Brian Stephens (Martin), Graham Turner (Pie Man), Bernard Wrigley (Bob)

6: Christmas (24 Dec 99)

The unexpected arrival of Bren's husband causes her more than a few problems. She comes to the conclusion that Tony has "gone off her". Meanwhile, Tony is busy planning a birthday surprise.

Also appearing:
Sue Devaney (Jane), Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), Rachel Gleaves (Customer), Janet Tough (Janice), Bernard Wrigley (Bob), The Black Dyke Band

7: Minnellium (30 Dec 99)

Philippa is organising a Millennium Dinner. She's in a complete panic because things don't seem to be going according to plan. Someone leaves a baby on the fire escape.

Also appearing:
Peter Lorenzelli (Keith), Kaleem Janjua (Reg), Tej Patel (Baby)

8: Christine (13 Jan 00)

Anita has taken time off to look after her baby. Christine, her replacement, turns out to be a rather strange woman with a serious personal hygiene problem. It doesn't take her long to upset all of the other dinnerladies.

Also appearing:
Kay Adshead (Christine), Sue Cleaver (Glenda), Adrian Hood (Norman), Lynn Whitehead (Mrs. Holcombe)

9: Gravy (20 Jan 00)

The canteen management introduce a new "self clear" system which doesn't go down too well with the staff. Bren discovers that her mother only has a few weeks to live. Tony plans a move to Scotland.

Also appearing:
Adrian Hood (Norman), Henry Kelly (TV Presenter), David Hatton (Ken), Francis Lee (Brian), Katharine Page (Betty)

10: Toast (27 Jan 00)

Bren fails to turn up for her big moment on the "Totally Trivial" TV quiz. When she returns to the canteen, she reveals that her mother has died. Philippa confirms that the canteen is going to be closed down. It looks as if Tony's plans will come to nothing until Bren learns that her mother has left her a "legacy".

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