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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Monday (12 Nov 98)

Norman the Bread Man brings the morning bread delivery, but fails to provide any granary torpedoes. Dolly tells everyone about a woman who got pregnant with a turkey baster. Meanwhile, Jean is worryimg about the arrangements for her daughter's wedding. Bren's mother recommends an entertainer, who turns out to be a stripper.

Philippa, the new Human Resources Manager, tries to get everyone involved in Scottish country dancing. Jean's daughter turns up to announce that she decided to get married "on the quiet" because she couldn't face the big wedding which her mother was planning.

Also appearing:
Julia Booth (Girl), Sue Devaney (Secretary), Gordon Glenn (Accordionist), Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), Jane Hazlegrove (Lisa), Katisha Kenyon (Carly), Bernard Wrigley (Man)

2: Royals (19 Nov 98)

The factory is being visited by a "minor Royal" (the Duke of Danby) and his wife. Stan reveals that he has met the Duke before, at Catterick Camp in 1967. He's rather disappointed when the Duke seems to have forgoitten about their earlier encounter.

When the "Royals" drop into the canteen, the Duke takes a fancy to Bren. He tells her that his idea of heaven is "a bit of sex and a bacon sandwich". Bren declines his suggestion of "a bit of a bunk-up" in the nearest cupboard, but lets him have a bacon sandwich. In return, the Duke pretends to Stan that he recognised him all along.

Also appearing:
Simon Williams (James, Duke Of Danby), Richenda Carey (Lady Pamela), Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), Steve Huison (Man Worker), Lesley Nicol (Woman Worker), Graham Seed (David)

3: Scandal (26 Nov 98)

Bren's mother has moved her caravan into the factory grounds. She's also got herself a "toy boy" named Clint. His mother objects to his relationship with Petula, so she chains herself to the factory gates in protest.

A TV documentary programme decidesa to feature the "scandal" of Petula and her "toy boy". Meanwhile, Clint becomes bored with his relationship with Bren's mum and leaves her.

Also appearing:
Ashley Barker (Simon), Lynda Baron (Carmel), Sue Devaney (Secretary), Kenny Doughty (Clint), Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), Lill Roughley (Shelagh), Dolly Wells (Hannah)

4: Moods (3 Dec 98)

Twinkle is worried that she may be pregnant. Later, she discovers that it's a "false alarm".

Everyone seems to be in a bad mood. Philippa decides to "cheer things up" up by organising a tea party for the mothers of the canteen staff. Stan's mother "ran off with a piano tuner in 1954", so he brings his father along instead.

Also appearing:
Dora Bryan (Connie), Thora Hird (Enid), Eric Sykes (Jim), Elspet Gray (Hilary), Liz Hume-Dawson (Woman In Queue), Sue Devaney (Secretary), Jackie Downey (Bev), Judy Flynn (2nd Secretary), Rachel Gleaves (Kirsty), Anthony Renshaw (Veg. Man), Shireen Shah (Reena), Katherine Page (Violet)

5: Party (10 Dec 98)

The canteen staff are busy preparing food for the factory Christmas party. The firm is negotiating a merger with a Japanese company, so most of the food and drink has a Japanese flavour.

Tony offers to take Bren to the party. He hopes to take her home afterwards, but Petula manages to sabotage his plans.

Also appearing:
Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), Ann-Louise Grimshaw (Tiffany), Eiji Kusuhara (Mr. Tashimoto), Adam Leese (Hugo), Peter Lorenzelli (Keith), Kate Robbins (Babs), Jack Smethurst (Bob)

6: Nightshift (17 Dec 98)

Tony has gone into hospital. His temporary replacement, Nicola Bodeux, proves to be something of a tyrant.

The firm has suddenly landed a big "rush" order, so the management decides to run a night shift. This means that the canteen will have to stay open overnight.

Just before the night shift is about to start, Nicola Bodeux decides that she's in the wrong job and goes off to look for a job as a lighthouse keeper.

Also appearing:
Sue Devaney (Secretary), Christopher Greet (Mr. Michael), David Hatton (Little Man), Sue Wallace (Nicola Bodeux), Ozzie Yue (Malcolm)

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