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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: "An Empty Cage" (9 Sep 80)

Ben is astounded when Adam announces that he's got a job. When he reveals that it's a job as long-distance lorry driver, Ben is rather disappointed.

A woman in a cafe depresses Ria as she complains about the problems that come with increasing age. Ria sees Leonard again as she's driving home.

Adam and Russell arrive home at midnight with an articulated lorry full of timber.

At five o'clock next morning, Ben gets an alarm call intended for Adam. The lorryload of timber has to be delivered to London, where Adam has to collect another load of timber and deliver it to Scotland. A driver named Wally is going along with Adam on his first few runs. Russell decides to go along for the ride.

After the boys have gone, Ben comments on how peaceful the house is without them, but Ria says it's "like an empty budgie cage". She finds all of the peace and quiet unnerving.

Leonard's reunion with his wife hasn't worked out. He rings Ria to tell her that his wife has left him again. They arrange to meet in the park next morning.

Ben arrives home at lunchtime and asks Ria to go to London with him. After they've left, there's an announcement on the radio that there are long tailbacks on the road to London because an articulated lorry has shed its load of timber.

2: "Ruby's Crisis" (16 Sep 80)

Ria's charlady, Ruby, is going through a crisis. She tells Ria that she has a compulsion to steal things. She's started shoplifting from local stores. She says she does it because she's bored and dissatisfied with her life.

Ria goes shopping with Ruby to see if she can help her to overcome her compulsion to steal.

3: "Pregnancy" (23 Sep 80)

Russell discovers that his girlfriend, Jeannie, is pregnant.

Ria tries to make a "rainbow fruit jelly" but ends up with a "strawberry trifle".

Leonard's driving ban comes to an end.

4: "Problems, Problems" (30 Sep 80)

Adam loses his job. Russell is having problems. Ben seems to be ill. Leonard has a crash. Ria worries.

5: "Happy Birthday, Ria" (7 Oct 80)

It's Ria's birthday and she treats herself to a day out in London. Things get very complicated, because Ben and Leonard are also in London.

Continuity error: In one scene, Mr Conrad talks as if he's lived opposite the Parkinsons since before Adam and Russell were born, yet he's a "new neighbour" in series 2, episode 4.

6: "Gimme Shelter" (14 Oct 80)

Adam and Russell are building a fallout shelter. Ria meets up with an old school friend. She finds herself involved in her friend's schemes and things quickly turn sour.

7: "Parting" (21 Oct 80)

Ben goes off to a dental convention. Leonard is leaving for New York. He wants Ria to spend time with him in his flat before he leaves.