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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: "Leaving" (26 Oct 79)

Adam's girlfriend Annie leaves him, saying he's "boring". He stays in bed all day, listening to wierd music. Ben tries to give him some fatherly advice.

Ria goes for a walk through the park. She meets Leonard while he's out jogging. He tells her that, when he has problems, he gets rid of his anger and frustration by shouting at trees.

Adam leaves home suddenly, taking his father's car and leaving a note which says simply, "I've gone".

Ria sees Leonard going into a restaurant with Annie.

Adam comes home again, saying that he's crashed his father's car. Ria goes off to the park to shout at a tree.

2: "Fox Hunting" (5 Nov 79)

Ria is out in the country with Ben when she sees a fox running through a field. It's closely followed by a pack of hounds and the members of the local hunt. Ria gets very upset, while Ben says he doesn't have time to be bothered about it.

Several days later, Ria is out when Ben comes home for lunch, so Adam and Russell try to cook lunch. Meanwhile, Ria is busy holding a one-woman protest against fox hunting. She urges onlookers to join her on Saturday in a mass protest against the hunt.

The following Saturday afternoon, Ria goes off to her protest. Leonard and an old tramp are only other people who turn up. When a huntsman rides by, Ria tries to stop him from passing. He tells her that the hunt took place that morning.

3: "Worrying" (12 Nov 79)

After a set-to with Adam and Russell about a bent screwdriver, Ben gets a sudden pain in his chest. He thinks he's about to have a heart attack.

Ria goes to the hairdressers - Leonard is also there. When she gets home, Ben is still worrying about his health. He upsets Ria by talking about what's likely to happen after he's "gone"

Ben sees a doctor and is told that there's nothing wrong with his heart. He's advised to get more exercise. Back at home, Ben is almost cheerful. He shocks Ria by asking for an extra helping at lunch. Later, Ria goes for a walk and is surprised to see Leonard AND Ben jogging through the park.

4: "A Dog's Life" (19 Nov 79)

Ria goes for a walk in the park and meets Leonard. Adam and Russell are playing in the street with a frisbee. They upset Mr Conrad, a new neighbour, who goes and complains to Ben. Ben has words with Adam and Russell.

Ria thinks she's cracking up. She goes to church and tells God off. Mrs Conrad is also in the church.

Driving home, Ria nearly runs over a dog, so she stops and gives the poor animal a lecture on road safety. She goes to see her doctor, who tells her that she's suffering from nervous exhaustion. Mrs Conrad is in the doctor's surgery.

Ria goes home and starts having a 'good clear out', throwing things down the stairs. Ben tells Adam and Russell that their mother is under stress. He suggests that they should carry on as if nothing is happening.

Ria goes for a walk in the park and sees Leonard again. She's also sees Mrs Conrad sitting on a park bench and accuses her of spying on her. Mrs Conrad tells Ria that she went to the church and to the doctor's surgery because she's unhappy about not having children.

5: "Keeping Fit" (26 Nov 79)

One of Adam and Russell's practical jokes leaves Ben disgruntled and covered in a rash.

Ria goes to a keep fit class. As she's walking home, Thomas stops and offers her a lift. Leonard is in the car, but he's feeling unwell. Ria goes home and starts making him a 'Get Well' card. She doesn't see him for three days, so she takes her card around to his flat. She has second thoughts about delivering it.

Adam and Russell upset Mr Conrad again.

Ria goes to see Leonard. He's ill in bed, suffering from pleurisy.

Ria persuades Ben to join her in a romantic evening in front of the fire, sipping wine, dressed only in bath-towels.

6: "An Attractive Visitor" (3 Dec 79)

Ria gets a letter from Susanna, a beautiful woman she and Ben met while on holiday a few years earlier. Susanna wants to come to stay. Ria agrees.

A few days later, Ria goes to meet Susanna's train. She insists on driving Ria's car. On the way home, Ria pops into a shop. Leonard sees the car and stops. He's surprised to find someone else in the car.

Susanna is a big hit with Ben, Adam and Russell. Ria thinks she's a vain, smug cow. Leonard rings Ria and invites her to go to Birmingham with him. She declines and suggests he takes Susanna instead.

Next day, Ria takes Susanna to the station. Susanna tells her that she went to Birmingham with Leonard.

7: "Lunch With Leonard" (10 Dec 79)

Leonard rings Ria and says that he needs to see her urgently. She agrees to meet him for lunch. They meet in the cafe where they first met.

Leonard drags her off on a whirlwind tour of all the places where they usually meet. They end up having lunch at his flat. He tells her that his wife has decided to come back to him. He wanted to have a farewell meal with Ria before his wife's return. Later, he takes her back to her car and says goodbye.

Ria decides not to do any shopping or cooking that day. Ben takes her out for a meal. They end up at the restaurant where Ria met Leonard. She won't go in. She gets Ben to take her to a restaurant further down the road.

"Christmas With The Parkinsons" (22 Dec 79)

Ria does her best to cope with Christmas.