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Jacqui Villiers (Moira Lister) loses her husband when he is killed in a boating accident. All he leaves her is a substantial amount of debt.

She sets out to raise enough money to pay off the debts and to save her London mews home.

She takes various jobs and also takes in a lodger, Freddie Phillipson (Donald Hewlett).

Jacqui is helped by her daughter Jennifer (Sally Thomsett) and by her friends Henrietta (Margaret Courtenay), Mavis (Diana King) and Millicent (Elizabeth Allan).

Of the 19 episodes originally made, complete recordings are known to exist for exist for only two. There is also a partial recording of the first episode. All other episodes are thought to have been 'wiped'.

Series: 3
Episodes: 19
Transmitted: 1967-1969

BBC Television

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