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US President Johnny Cyclops (Barry Morse), Soviet Premier Dubienkin (Richard Griffiths), UK Prime Minister Kevin Pork (Peter Jones) and mad terrorist Lacrobat (John Cleese) are involved in complicated international political machinations involving an attempt to replace the deposed Shah of Iran with his brother.

When the accidental explosion of a Quark bomb destroys Israel, the world heads for the final nuclear apocalypse.

Other characters include The Deacon (John Barron), The Foreign Secretary (Geoffrey Palmer), The Chancellor Of The Exchequer (Richard Davies), Commissar Solzenitsyn (Alexei Sayle), Shah Mashiq Rassim (Bruce Montague), Adbdab (David Kelly) and Jay Garrick (Ed Bishop).

Series: 1
Episodes: 6
Transmitted: 1982
Channel: ITV

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