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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Queen's Birthday Present (13 Nov 95)

Patricia Dawkins has been with Raymond Fowler for 10 years and she's looking forward to celebrating their anniversary. Raymond, however, is more worried about how to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Meanwhile, D.I. Grim plans to police the information superhighway ...

2: Fire And Terror (20 Nov 95)

WPC Habib takes a fancy to a fireman. P.C. Goody is jealous, until he dicovers that the fireman is more interested in him than he is in Habib! Meanwhile, Inspector Fowler has to deal with a practical joker.

3: Honey Trap (27 Nov 95)

Should WPC Habib act as 'bait' to catch a dangerous criminal or should she save herself for the pub quiz final?

4: Rag Week (4 Dec 95)

Inspector Fowler and Sgt. Dawkins have problems at the bank. Back at the police station, there's trouble with a group of students.

5: Night Shift (11 Dec 95)

Grim gets involved in a Scotland Yard operation. Inspector Fowler is jealous. Sgt. Dawkins has problems with revolting teenagers.

6: Kids Today (18 Dec 95)

Inspector Fowler and D.I. Grim have a disagreement about a camping trip for young offenders. Sgt. Dawkins has to deal with an abandoned baby. P.C. Goody tries to protect W.P.C. Habib from sexual harassment.

7: Yuletide Spirit (26 Dec 95)

Inspector Fowler is upset when he fails to get the lead in a production by the local amateur dramatic society. D.I. Grim and D.C. Kray are chasing a gang of carol singers. A homeless pregnant woman and her partner turn up at the police station.

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