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Donald Fairchild (Geoffrey Palmer) is an executive with Oasis Publishing.

When the company is taken over by a US conglomerate, the Frankland Organisation, Donald is made the Sales And Marketing Director.

His wife Caroline (Penelope Keith) comes to work for the company as the Editorial Director.

She's using her maiden name, so nobody realises that she and Donald are married. Since there's an 'unwritten law' in the company to the effect that a married couple can't work together, they decide to pretend that they don't know one another.

Later, their secret comes out. Instead of being sacked, however, they are made joint managing directors of Oasis Publishing.

Geoffrey Palmer was unable to return to the programme for the second series, because of other committments. Peter Bowles took over the role of Donald Fairchild.

Series: 3
Episodes: 19
Transmitted: 1986-1988
Channel: ITV

Thames Television

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