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It's 1999 and the United Kingdon is divided into two distinct regions, separated by barbed wire and border patrols. North Britain is cold, bleak and improverished, while South Britain is always warm and sunny and everyone lives in relative luxury

Lord Tewkesbury (Ed Devereaux) is the rich owner of a multinational conglomerate. He wants his son Giles (Adrian Edmondson) to gain work experience in one of his companies. He arranges for Giles to be assigned a job under an assumed name, Alexander G St Clair.

As a result of a computer error, Giles finds himself doing a menial job in the frozen wastes of North Britain, while Gavin Sinclair (John Gordon Sinclair) suddenly finds himself transferred from Glasgow to sunny South Britain.

Series: 1
Episodes: 7
Transmitted: 1989
Channel: Channel 4

Channel 4
Yorkshire Television

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