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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Happy Motoring (15 Mar 98)

Harry Thorpe is told to recruit five new AA members by the end of the week, otherwise he'll lose his job.

2: Come Dancing (22 Mar 98)

There are rumours that the AA and the RAC are to be merged. When the men from the local RAC branch are invited to the annual AA dinner dance, it's a recipe for trouble.

3: Bono Mateno (29 Mar 98)

A new bypass is about to be opened. The AA men are given the job of 'guarding' the new road before the opening ceremony.

4: The Youngish Ones (5 Apr 98)

Leonard becomes convinced that Joyce is being unfaithful to him. Joyce learns that Cliff Richard will be passing through the area and she's determined to meet him.

5: One For The Road (12 Apr 98)

The AA men are told that, in future, they should only salute members when stationary. They are unhappy with the change. Harry keeps forgetting about the new procedure and goes on saluting while he's in motion. He manages to come off his bike, so Leonard tells him to use the AA van while his bike is being repaired.

A competition has been organised to arrive at a new AA badge. All of the AA men decide to have a go at producing a winning design.

Joyce decides to hold a 'soiree' to show off her new cocktail cabinet. Nobody turns up.

The AA van is damaged when a drunken local magistrate runs into it. Harry has to resort to extreme measures to get it repaired before Leonard finds out about the damage.

6: French Leave (19 Apr 98)

Joyce is planning to go off with Johnny Lupus for a 'dirty weekend'. Her car breaks down and Johnny starts trying to fix it. Then Mr Bannerman comes along on his AA bike and insists on helping. Johnny has to hide in nearby woods. Their 'weekend of passion' is ruined.

Harry stops to help a beautiful French girl who has broken down. He thinks it's love at first sight, but later realises she's just flirting with him.

Pettigrew and Munce find a mysterious car parked in a secluded spot off the road. They think the vehicle must be involved in a crime, but eventually discover that it belongs to a couple who've stopped so that they can go for a walk.

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