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Finnoula (Angeline Ball) lives in Brighton, in a flat over a pub called the Rainbow. Her husband Neil (Peter Sullivan) is in prison after being arrested on their wedding day.

Also living in the flat is Spence (Ian Targett), Neil's best mate and partner in crime. He has a very 'on off' relationship with Finn.

When Neil is released from prison, he moves into the flat with Finn and Spence. Both men fancy Finn, but she isn't interested in either of them.

Finn is lead singer in a group called 'Static Cling' (later renamed as 'Wicked Cleavage'). Her friend Michelle (Bronagh Gallagher) also sings and plays guitar in the group.

The main characters first appeared in the film The Commitments, for which Clement and La Frenais wrote the screenplay.

Series: 1
Episodes: 8
Transmitted: 1993
Channel: ITV

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