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A zany sketch show starring Spike Milligan.

Milligan set out to "push the boundaries" of comedy and, in that, he certainly succeeded.

Sketches followed one another in quick succession. A particular sketch was often abandoned halfway through, the cast immediately launching into another one or just milling about the set, muttering and gesturing.

Behaviour, makeup and sets were often bizarre. The dialogue frequently strayed outside the bounds of good taste, leading to many complaints from viewers upset by references they considered offensive.

The sketches tended to be rather "hit and miss", with moments of sheer brilliance interspersed with periods of half-baked ideas and distinctly unfunny material.

The master tapes for four of the seven episodes were "wiped and recycled" early in the 1970s. Digital master tapes exist for all other episodes of the various "Q" programmes.

Series: 1
Episodes: 7
Transmitted: 1969

BBC Television

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