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Annie Briggs (Diane Bull) was known as "the Jackie Onassis of Bethnal Green". With a rich husband and a jet-set lifestyle, she's left her humble beginnings far behind her.

At least that's what she's always thought. Then her husband Boris dies suddenly, leaving her penniless and up to her ears in debt.

Her fine house and all of her expensive belongings have to go. She moves into the tiny flat she bought for her daughter, Tiffany (Alison Lomas).

Then the flat is repossessed and mother and daughter move to Sunnyside Farm, a rundown smallholding owned by Annie's parents, George (John Cater) and Kitty (Vilma Hollingberry).

Also living with her parents is Annie's dowdy twin sister, Sylvie (Heather Tobias).

Series: 2
Episodes: 13
Transmitted: 1992-1993

BBC Television

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