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Episode Guide (Series 1)

Series:   1

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1: Pilgrim's Rest (31 Jul 97)

Bob used to be a roadie with various rock and roll bands. When he got tired of life on the road, he spent his savings on Pilgrims Restaurant, which was then a busy transport cafe. He also persuaded his sister Tilly to invest in the business.

A year later, a by-pass was built and most of Bob's customers disappeared overnight. After five years of minimal trade, Bob's got used to a quiet life, dealing with a small group of regulars. Then Tilly turns up out of the blue and announces that she's left her husband and has come to stay.

2: Mo News Is Bad News (7 Aug 97)

Bob is infatuated with his waitress, Pamela. Just when he's begun to hope that he can get somewhere with her, a suave new customer comes between them.

3: It's Good To Talk (14 Aug 97)

Tilly is trying to find a job and Bob isn't proving to be very supportive. Pamela suggests that Tilly might find attending a women's group helpful.

4: Telling Tales (21 Aug 97)

Tilly finds some of Bob's old school exercise books and is impressed by the stories he wrote as a boy. She sends them to a friend who works for a publisher. Bob might become famous as a result ... or, then again, perhaps not.

5: Rock Of Ages (28 Aug 97)

Nugent, an old friend of Bob's from his days as a roadie, pays a visit and provides free tickets for a rock concert. Bob persuades Pamela to go to the concert with him. The evening seems to be going well, until Bob manages to spoil things.

6: Odds Against (4 Sep 97)

Tilly's husband Duncan pays a surprise visit to try to persuade her that a reconciliation would be a good idea. Bob, who knows that Duncan is coming, conspires to make sure that Tilly is at the restaurant when Duncan arrives. The customers are betting that she'll either agree to return to Duncan, or she'll punch him - or she'll punch Bob!

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