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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1 : Episode 1 (28 Aug 07)

It's the usual early morning chaos in the household

Jake is worried because it's his first day at secondary school. Ben insists on taking an electric drill to school until his dad offers him a bribr to leave the house. Karen has nits - she insists that she'd like one as a pet.

2 : Episode 2 (29 Aug 07)

Karen won't eat her dinner because it isn't in her "special" bowl. Her mother can't bring herself to admit that the bowl has been broken.

Ben brings a friend home and displays an amazing talent for telling lies.

Dad has run into a serious problem at work, while mum is at war with her sister.

3 : Episode 3 (30 Aug 07)

Mum decides to take the children out for the day to celebrate Karen's birthday. Angela and Grandad join them in the car. En route to an urban farm, they get caught in a traffic jam. Ehen they finally reach the farm, mayhem ensues, leading to a riot in the gift shop.

Meanwhile, Pete has been accused of racism at school after making a joke about obesity and Ramadan. The headmaster tells him to write a letter of "regret".

4 : Episode 4 (3 Sep 07)

Pete goes to watch Ben playing football. He's surprised when other parents ask him about his SAS training and his friendship with Gordon Brown. It seems that Ben has been fibbing again.

Sue and Pete are planning a romantic evening in, but things don't go according to plan.

Karen brings her friend Alexia round and the girl's mother is very late picking her up. She insists on staying for a long "heart to heart" chat with Sue when she finally does arrive.

Angela calls round and asks Sue for the spare keys to their father's house.

Pete gets a phone call about bullying from Jake's form tutor.

5 : Episode 5 (4 Sep 07)

Sue resigns from her job because she feels that she's being overworked.

Ben claims that he can't go to school because he has a "mystery illness".

Aunt Angela has been dumped by her latest boyfriend, so she needs cheering up.

Pete is approached by a local newspaper reporter about his "racist" comment.

6 : Episode 6 (5 Sep 07)

Sue and Pete are about to host a dinner party. Preparations descend into chaos when the children insist on helping.

Jake is no longer being bullied at school. Apparently he persuaded a bigger boy to beat up the bully!

Angela arrives and tells Sue that she's leaving for America the following day and will no longer be able to look after Grandad.

The dinner party rapidly develops into a complete disaster.

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