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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Four-Play (23 Oct 85)

Amanda Ripley (Dawn French) is looking for a flat in Chelsea. She decides to rent one from Lady Carlton (Joan Greenwood).

Amanda can't afford the flat on her own, so she agrees to share with Jennifer Marsh (Jennifer Saunders), Shelley DuPont (Ruby Wax) and Candice Valentine (Tracey Ullman).

Also appearing:
Helen Atkinson-Wood (Jane), Helen Lederer (Debbie), Alan Rickman (Dimitri)

2: Staying Alive (30 Oct 85)

Shelley thinks that Candice should be asked to leave because she isn't paying any rent. Candice tries to get round Shelley by arranging a "film part" for her. The film turns out to be a rather sleazy, low budget affair.

Also appearing:
Steve Ausden (Hans), Ron Cook (Ian), Geraldine McNulty (Tina), Sue Vanner (Girl in Nightclub)

3: C.O.D. (6 Nov 85)

Candice wants to be able to entertain 'gentlemen callers' in privacy. She tries to arrange for Jennifer to get out more. As a result, Jennifer is kidnapped and held to ransom.

Also appearing:
Chris Andrews (Peter Le Holocaust), Mark Arden (Disco Dancer), Paul Brooke (Lawrence), Joss Buckley (Mario), Robbie Coltrane (Morris), Harry Aitch Fielder (Bouncer), Stephen Frost (Disco Dancer), Ronnie Golden (Disc Jockey), Ron Tarr (Bouncer)

4: Cancel Toast (13 Nov 85)

Shelley is preparing for an audition, so she decides to go on a diet. The audition doesn't go too well and Shelley ends up feeling very depressed. She starts a 'major binge', eating everything she can get her hands on. Amanda holds a feminist support group meeting at the flat.

Also appearing:
Guy Bertrand (Donald), Simon Brin (Shelley's People), Jane Laurie ( Receptionist), Alan Rickman (Voice of RADA), Rowland Rivron (Shelley's People), Harriet Thorpe (Chris)

5: Ident Candytime (20 Nov 85)

Candice is still going to great lengths to avoid paying rent. She tells the others that she's having an affair with Prince Andrew.

Also appearing:
Martin Allan (Reporter), Joanna Maude (Reporter), Geraldine McNulty (Tina), Suzanne Morgan (Nurse), Pip Short (Donor)

6: Skankin (27 Nov 85)

The feminist group which Amanda belongs to is organising a street festival. Amanda is annoyed that she hasn't been asked to organise the festivities, so she decides to make alternative arrangements.

Also appearing:
Jane Bertish (Debbie), Vas Blackwood (Mikey), Pauline Melville (Yvonne), Stephen Woodcock (Dennis)

7: Hark (4 Dec 85)

Lady Carlton asks Jennifer to look after her stuffed dog, Josephine, for the afternoon. When the dog goes missing, the girls have to think of a way of placating Lady Carlton.

Also appearing:
Allan Corduner (Benny), Mandy Dickinson (Shop Assistant)

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