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Sam Cobbett (Clive Dunn) is a lively, independent "old codger".

When his house is earmarked for demolition, he has to go and live with his daughter, Doris (Priscilla Morgan), and her husband, Arthur (Edward Hardwicke) in their flat on the 13th floor of a tower block.

Old Sam has opinions and/or complaints about practically everything under the sun. He can always see a "better" way of doing almost anything. As a result, he proves to be more than a little disruptive.

The pilot for this programme formed part of Ronnie Barker's 1973 series, Seven Of One, which also gave rise to Porridge and Open All Hours.

For the ITV series, the part of daughter Doris was played by Clive Dunn's wife, Priscilla Morgan.

Series: 2
Episodes: 14
Transmitted: 1973-1975
Channel: ITV

Yorkshire Television
BBC Television (Pilot)

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