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Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise starred in their own BBC television show, Running Wild as early as 1954. This live show was rather badly received and did little to enhance their careers. After making regular appearances in The Winifred Atwell Show in 1956, they were given another BBC television series, Double Six, in 1957.

During the next four years, Eric and Ernie made frequent appearances in programmes like Sunday Night At London Palladium but weren't given another show of ther own.

They made the first series of The Morecambe And Wise Show for ATV in 1961, using scripts written by Sid Green and Dick Hills. This proved to be very popular and a further five series were made during the following seven years.

The duo moved back to BBC Television in 1968 and began ten years during which they were at the peak of their careers. Their BBC shows attracted large audiences, particularly for their Christmas specials, each of which had over twenty million viewers.

In 1978, Thames Television made them "an offer they couldn't refuse" and they left the BBC. The Thames Television version of The Morecambe And Wise Show lacked much of the ';sparkle' of their BBC shows, so the next five years saw a gradual decline in the quality of their output.

Eric Morecambe died on 28th May, 1984.

Their final piece of work for television, a 90 minute comedy thriller called Night Train To Murder, was transmitted on 3rd January, 1985.

Series: 19
Episodes: 169
Transmitted: 1961-1983

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