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Butterworth's is a failing supermarket which is forced to 'downsize' and move its head office from London to Leeds.

Christine Frances (Fay Ripley) is the alcoholic, incompetent head of Human Resources. She leaves her PA, Sally (Morven Christie), to do all of the real work.

Alyson Cartmell (Holly Aird) is the Chief Operating Officer. She's been brought in to supervise the company's downsizing operation. She cares far more about results than she does about the people she works with. Her PA is Steven (Tom Ellis ).

Max Chambers (Neil Stuke) is the Acting Head of Marketing. he's very ambitious and competitive but he isn't very effective.

Roger Sorsby (Peter Wight ) is the Chief Executive. He's fighting to hold on to his position. His PA is Jenny Mountfield (Jenny Agutter).

Series: 1
Episodes: 7
Transmitted: 2009
Channel: ITV1

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