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Captain Biskett (Archie Duncan) has always wanted to command an ocean-going liner but has had to settle for a battered old cargo boat, the 'SS Guernsey'.

The Mate, Tug Nelson (Victor Maddern) is a womanising schemer who never misses an opportunity to make some easy money.

The other members of the crew are the Bosun, Croaker Jones (Sam Kydd), Willie McGinniss (Fulton Mackay) and Blarney Finnigan (Dermot Kelly).

In the second series, Captain Biskett has a better ship, 'The Jersey Lily', Croaker has been promoted to Chief Engineer and the new mate is Dapper Drake (Ronald Hines).

Series: 2
Episodes: 39
Transmitted: 1960-1962
Channel: ITV

Granada Television

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