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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Three's A Crowd (15 Aug 73)

Chrissy and Jo throw a farewell party for their flatmate, who's getting engaged and moving out. Next morining, they find Robin asleep in their bath. They're looking for a new flatmate and Robin is looking for somewhere to live, so the girls ask Robin to stay. All they have to do then is to talk the Ropers into agreeing to the new arrangement.

2: And Mother Makes Four (22 Aug 73)

Chrissy's mother is about to pay a visit. She doesn't know Robin is living in the flat, so he's told to make himself scarce. Then Chrissy's mother decides to stay the night. Robin wonders where he's supposed to sleep.

3: Some Enchanted Evening (29 Aug 73)

Jo's new boyfriend is coming to the flat for a meal. Robin is persuaded to cook it. Then he and Chrissy have to spend the evening playing monopoly with the Ropers. They learn that Chrissy's boyfriend is Jewish - and Robin has cooked roast pork for their meal!

4: And Then There Were Two (5 Sep 73)

Chrissy is very apprehensive when Jo goes away for the weekend and leaves her alone in the flat with Robin. Robin brings another woman back, only for Chrissy to sabotage his plans for a night of passion.

5: It's Only Money (12 Sep 73)

The rent is due and the money put aside to pay it has disappeared from the flat. Robin, Chrissy and Jo have to find a way of getting some more money quickly.

6: Match Of The Day (19 Sep 73)

Robin has been picked to play in a college football match. A few days before the game, he goes down with a bad cold. Chrissy and Jo rally round in an attempt to help him to recover in time to play.

7: No Children, No Dogs (26 Sep 73)

Robin acquires a puppy. The lease on the flat says 'no pets', so Roper mustn't find out.

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