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Hamish Macbeth (Robert Carlyle) is the local policeman in the sleepyScottish town of Lochdubh.

While he's keen to keep the peace, he insists on doing so in his ownunique way. He also does his utmost to make sure that his exploits andsuccesses are kept from his superiors (in Inverness) as much as possible.He doesn't want to be promoted and moved away from Lochdubh because he'sso good at his job.

Other characters include:

  • TV John McIver (Ralph Riach), Hamish's co-worker
  • Isobel Sutherland (Shirley Henderson), local journalist
  • Rory Campbell (Brian Pettifer), shopkeeper
  • Esme Murray (Anne Lacey), schoolteacher
  • Barney Meldrum (Stuart McGugan), publican
  • Agnes Meldrum (Barbara Rafferty), his wife
  • Lachie MacCrae Sr (Jimmy Yuill/Billy Riddoch), entrepreneur
  • Lachie MacCrae Jr (Stuart Davids), his son

The episodes were loosely based on a series of crime novels byM C Beaton.

Series: 3
Episodes: 20
Transmitted: 1995-1997
Channel: BBC1

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