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The administration department of personal injury law firm of Fox Cranford is staffed by a motley group of misfits, no-hopers and time-wasters.

The senior partner is Mike Cranford (Nigel Havers).

The Office Manager is Gloria Stevens (Sian Reeves), who thinks that she keeps the firm running single-handedly. In reality, she's continually let down by her team of teenage wasters and by her own incompetence and laziness.

The post room is manned by a rag-tag gang of school leavers with little interest in the work they are supposed to be doing. The staff includes Darrel (Chris Hannon), Kenny (Christian Foster), Asif (Abdullah Afzal), Shelley (Rachel Rae) and Tania (Jessica Hall).

No further episodes of this programme will be made.

Series: 2
Episodes: 13
Transmitted: 2008-2011
Channel: BBC3

BBC Television
Channel K

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