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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Loved By You (11 Mar 97)

Newly-married Michael and Kate Adams find that their busy schedules are interfering with their love life. They decide to have a quiet, romantic evening together so that they can 'catch up'.

When Michael arrives home, however, he finds his wife's sister Becky is paying a visit. In a fit of pique, Michael invites his friend Lander over. This causes a major row to break out. Then Ruth and Tom arrive unexpectedly. Michael and Kate go into the kitchen to continue their row in private, but they quickly get 'distracted'.

2: Out Of The Past (18 Mar 97)

Michael bumps into Anne, an old girlfriend from college, and invites Kate to meet her. Lander comes along too and he and Michael compete for Anne's attention.

3: The Apartment (25 Mar 97)

Kate discovers that Michael has retained the lease on the flat he lived in before they were married. She wants him to get rid of it, but he has a sentimental attachment to it.

Kate tries to get her won back using a rugby shirt which belonged to one of her old boyfriends.

4: I'm Just So Happy For You (1 Apr 97)

Kate lands a major account and Michael has one of his film projects rejected on the same day. Michael tries to 'put on a happy face' when Kate holds a celebration party, but he finds it very difficult.

Also appearing:
Kim Thomson (Becky)

5: Maid About You (8 Apr 97)

A Russian girl named Natalya develops a crush on Michael when she is hired to clean his and Kate's flat

Also appearing:
Kim Thomson (Becky), Janet Dibley (Natalya)

6: Love Among The Tiles (15 Apr 97)

Michael and Kate are getting ready to go to Ruth's Valentine's Day party. They are both in the bathroom when Michael accidentally pulls the door handle off. They're trapped in there all evening. Meanwhile, at the party, Lander is getting to know Becky better.

7: Met Someone (22 Apr 97)

Michael and Kate reminisce about how they first met.

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