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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: A Bed With A View (29 Oct 79)

It's Norman's first day on the ward. He's been given the bed next tothe window and Figgis and Glover both want it.

Figgis persuadesNorman to swap beds. Then Glover gives Figgis the impression that theprevious occupation died in the bed. Figgis agrees to swap with Glover.It's then revealed that the former occupant had, in fact, beendischarged alive and well.

Gupte thinks Norman is in the bednext to the window so, when it's time for Norman to have his appendixremoved, Glover is taken off to the operating theatre instead.

2: Operation Norman (5 Nov 79)

Norman is about to have an operation. He's feeling rather apprehensive about it, until he talks to Figgis. Then he's just plain terrified.

When Norman refuses to have the operation, Thorpe blames Figgis.

Norman finally agrees to surgery, provided Figgis is present during the operation.

3: The Rumour (12 Nov 79)

Thorpe is telling Gupte that his dog, Victor, is ill and may not live much longer. Figgis overhears the last part of the conversation and thinks that they are talking about him.

Later, the patients convince themselves that Glover is the one who's about to die.

Norman thinks that plans are afoot to have Glover "put down", so he confronts Thorpe. He learns that it was Thorpe's dog, rather than Glover, who was gravely ill.

Meanwhile Glover, thinking that he doesn't have long to live, telephones his boss, tells him exactly what he thinks of his job and tenders his resignation.

4: The Man With The Face (19 Nov 79)

Before he came into hospital, Glover had a passionate affair with a Greek girl named Anna. Now her fiancé, Nicos, is seeking revenge.

When Nicos comes to the hospital, Figgis disguises Glover by wrapping his face in bandages. Nicos is initially fooled, but then begins to suspect that he has been hoodwinked. Before he can rip off the bandages, he is sdisturbed and has to make his escape. He pronises to return.

In a further attempt to fool Nicos, Glover and Figgis wrap Norman's head in bandages and put him in Glover's bed. Anna arrives and mistakes Norman for Glover.

Later, Nicos returns and is confronted by three men with bandaged heads. He eventually decides that Glover isn't worth bothering about and leaves, taking Anna with him.

Meanwhile, Thorpe thinks that he's lsoing his mind - he keeps seeing patients with their heads wrapped in bandages.

Also appearing:
Stephen Greif (Nicos), Elin Jenkins (Anna)

5: Let Them Eat Cake (26 Nov 79)

Norman, Figgis and Glover object when they are given boiled fish and semolina for lunch yet again. They decide to go on hunger strike.

When they begin to have second thoughts about starving themselves, they discover that they can't get anything to eat because all of the domestic and catering staff have gone on strike.

As the days pass, Norman and Glover are suffering badly from lack of food. Figgis, however, seems to be taking starvation in his stride.

Driving into th ehospital across a picket line, Thorpe manages to drive over the foot of the strike leader, Clegg. later, Figgis convonces Clegg that he is badly injured and needs treatment. Clegg, desperate to have his "injuries" treated, persuades his fellow strikers to return to work.

Norman and Glover discover that, all the time they were going without food, Figgis was sneaking down to the kitchens to get something to eat.

Also appearing:
Robert Gillespie (Clegg)

6: Tangled Web (3 Dec 79)

Norman takes a fancy to a pretty young nurse.

7: Is There A Doctor In The House? (10 Dec 79)

Figgis is tired of lying in bed all day. He manages to get hold of his outdoor clothes and sets off for a wander around the hospital. Then he gets mistaken for a doctor ...

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