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Brian Drake (John Duttine) is on his way to work when he is hit by a lorry. As a result of his injuries, he has to spend some time in hospital. While he's there, his wife tells him that she wants a divorce.

When he's released from hospital, Brian decides not to return to his jpb but to use his share of the proceeds of selling his house to buy a cottage in the country. He plans to live as a hermit.

On his way to the cottage, he's joined by Tommy (Patric Turner), a reformed pyromaniac whom he met in the hospital, and by Angie (Lorraine Chase), a young female drifter.

Later, they are joined by Maurice (Tony Millan), an ex-postman, and by Ansell (Brian Murphy), a private investigator hired by Brian's wife to track him down.

Series: 2
Episodes: 12
Transmitted: 1984-1985
Channel: BBC1

BBC Television

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