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St. Dunstan's University has set up Arnolfini, a research lab (and staff) which can be hired by companies and individuals to carry out "unusual" research projects and bring in extra funds for the University.

The lab is headed by Professor John Mycroft (Geoffrey McGivern), who once won a Nobel Prize but is now long past his best academically and intellectually.

Chief researcher is Dr Alex Beenyman (Chris Addison), who does his best to keep the rest of the staff within the bounds of sanity.

Other characters are dippy lab assistant Cara McIlvenny (Jo Enright), violence-prone lab technician Brian Lalumaca (Daniel Tetsell), secretary Minty Clapper (Helen Moon) and the Dean, Mieke Miedema (Selina Cadell).

Series: 1
Episodes: 6
Transmitted: 2008
Channel: BBC2

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