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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Daddy's Accident (29 Oct 90)

Hyacinth's father ends up in hospital after chasing the milk woman on a bicycle. He was naked at the time.

2: The New Vicar (5 Nov 90)

Hyacinth invites the new vicar to tea. Her sister Rose announces that she intends to commit suicide in "mummy's wedding dress".

3: The Stately Home (12 Nov 90)

Hyacinth drags Richard off for a day out in the country. She decides to visit her father en route. She doesn't get to see him because he has 'escaped' by climbing down a drainpipe dressed as "Captain Midnight". Apparently, he's gone to save the woman at the Post Office from a "fate worse than death".

Hyacinth and Richard visit a stately home. Hyacinth insists on hanging around the "family area", hoping to meet the nobility.

When Onslow, Daisy and Rose turn up, Hyacinth and Richard beat a hasty retreat.

4: The Charity Shop (19 Nov 90)

Hyacinth's father seems to have become engaged. His 'fiancee' has moved herself into his bedroom at Daisy's house. Hyacinth is called in to sort things out and get rid of the woman.

Hyacinth has to cope with Mrs Councillor Nugent from the charity shop. Rose's love life also causes problems.

5: Daisy's Toyboy (26 Nov 90)

Daisy tries to convince Onslow that she's found herself a seventeen-year-old "toyboy", in an attempt to make him jealous. Onslow doesn't seem to take any notice.

The Ladies' Cirlcle are expecting a guest speaker at the church hall. Hyacinth decides to take charge of the arrangements.

6: The Christening (3 Dec 90)

Daisy and Onslow's daughter, Stephanie, has had a baby and the family is preparing for the christening.

Everyone is at the church waiting for Stephanie to arrive with her baby when there's a phone call to say that she's been delayed because the vehicle she's travelling in has broken down.

Richard and Hyacinth drive off to pick up Stephanie and her child. They find that she's travelling in an old van with two hippies. Stephanie reveals that she isn't sure which of them is the baby's father.

Richard manages to get the van started, but then finds that his car won't start. Hyacinth and Richard have to travel back to the church in the hippie's van.

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