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Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) is the "chat show host from hell".

Each show begins with Partridge's rather forced attempts to give that evening's programme a definite "theme".

As the show progresses, he frequently demonstrates his insincerity, his insecurities and his near total lack of knowledge about his guests' lives and careers.

This is hardly surprising since Partridge is an obnoxious, vain man who's only real interest is himself and his "career".

At the end of the final programme, Partridge's show is cancelled and he is "banished" from the BBC.

The character of Alan Partridge first appeared in a BBC radio programme, On The Hour. This was followed by a further radio programme, Knowing Me, Knowing You, which was subsequently adapted for television.

Series: 1
Episodes: 7
Transmitted: 1994-1995

BBC Television
Talkback Productions

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