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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Promotion (17 Apr 97)

Andrew has an interview for a new job. If he gets it, he'll have to move to London. He doesn't think his mother, Peggy, will be able to cope on her own, so he decides that she would have to come with him. His mother doen't think much of the idea. Andrew' brother Richard isn't much help - he tries to talk Andrew out of going. Peggy decides to prove that she can manage, so she cooks lunch in the middle of the night, tries to iron Andrew's best shirt, ruins it and cooks a surprise supper.

2: The Funeral (24 Apr 97)

It's the morning of Uncle William's funeral and Peggy is behaving strangely. She clears away all of the plates Andrew has laid out for the wake. She's eating a cake intended for the tea-party. She convinced that they'll be burying Uncle Tom, rather than Uncle William. Andrew tries to sort her out. He gets left behind when everyone else sets out for the cemetary. Peggy stops the car befroe it reaches the cemetary, so that she can buy some oranges. At the graveside, she manages to disrupt proceedings. She causes even more mayhem at the wake.

3: The Babysitter (1 May 97)

Andrew is trying to finish an article about loneliness and Peggy keeps interrupting him. Andrew's wife Kate, who left him recently, pays a surprise visit. Despite his mother's disapproval, Andrew persuades Kate to go out to dinner with him. But who will look after Peggy while Andrew is out for the evening?

4: The Accident (8 May 97)

Andrew comes home with an attractive woman, so Peggy thinks he's found a new girlfriend. Andrew explains that the woman is a taxi-driver but Peggy isn't convinced. Andrew's foot is heavily bandaged. He explains that a computer fell on it at work. Peggy doesn't believe his explanation - she convinces herself that he must be seriously ill. She goes off to get him some food, but ends up in casualty. Andrew's brother Richard and his wife Tina suggest that Peggy should be put in a home.

5: The Dog (15 May 97)

During a stormy night, Peggy wakes Andrew up. She's been scared by the storm, so Andew has to read to her and sing her to sleep. Just as Andrew is about to go back to bed, his brother Richard arrives, bringng a dog for Peggy. He says that he decided that she needed a guard dog, but he won't explain why he had to bring it round at two o'clock in the morning. The 'guard dog' turns out to be a three month old puppy. After some persuasion, Andrew agrees to let Peggy keep the dog.

6: The Last Will (22 May 97)

Peggy decides to tell her two sons about the contents of her will. She's left half of her money and belongings to Andrew, provided he's still living with her at the time of her death. The other half of her state goes to Richard, except for her collection of cookery books, which she's left to Tina because "It's about time those children had a proper meal". Andrew isn't too happy about the conditions of his inheritance, so he tries to talk her into changing her will.

7: The Oysters (29 May 97)

Peggy gets a lift home in a fire engine. She explains to Andrew that she went down to the fire station "to help with the bandages". Andrew has had complaints from the police, fire and ambulance services about Peggy's 'help'. He decides that she needs a 'companion' to keep an eye on her during the day. His brother Richard refuses to help with the cost, pleading poverty. Andrew takes Peggy's purse away in an attempt to stop her from going out while he's at work, but she decides to go out shopping anyway.

8: The Nursing Home (5 Jun 97)

Andrew finds Peggy trying to feed the cat. Unfortunately, the cat in question had been run over two years earlier. Later, Peggy gives him a boiled egg for breakfast - a boiled egg cooked for 31 minutes, with a face painted on it. Andrew decides that it's time he thought about finding a nursing home for Peggy. He manages to find one that seems suitable, then he has to persuade Peggy to move in.

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