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Dudley Rush (David Gillespie) is a cartoonist who's married to Muriel (Pauline Yates). He has two daughters, Susan (Stacy Dorning) and Jacqui (Jenny Quayle; Sabina Franklyn).

Dudley and Muriel live in the upper half of their home in Highgate, London.

The lower half of the house has been converted into a flat. When it becomes vacant, Dudley gains a couple of new tenants - his daughters.

Robbie Coltrane made one of his earliest TV appearances when he appeared as Mr Conway in Series 3, Episode 5 (A Matter Of Principle).

The programme was later remade in the US as the ABC television series, Too Close For Comfort.

Series: 5
Episodes: 31
Transmitted: 1980-1983
Channel: ITV

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