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Moz (Jonny Vegas) is a small-time drug dealer living in a squalid flat with his girlfriend Nicki (Nicola Reynolds).

His flat is visited by a constant stream of odd characters who want to buy drugs or just have a smoke and a chat.

Regular visitors include China (Natalie Gunmede), Asia (Rebecca Atkinson), Jenny (Sinead Matthews), Craig (Seymour Mace), Kuldip (Ronny Jhutti), Sungita (Sunetra Sarker), Brian (Graham Duff) and Cartoon Head (James Foster).

Moz's usual supplier is PC (Tom Goodman-Hill), a young policeman who passes on drugs confiscated from other dealers.

Series: 7
Episodes: 53
Transmitted: 2005-2011
Channel: BBC3

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