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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: A Gift From The Glish (11 Jan 06)

Henderson has a meeting with representatives of an alien race called the Glish. He hopes to persuade them to move some of their industrial production to Peterborough.

The Glish are very courteous but fail to accept the offer of a relocation contract. After they've gone, an alien monster roams the ship looking for people to kill.

Also appearing:
Katherine Jakeways (Female Glish), Waen Shepherd (Captan Helix), Laurence Howarth (Fasmoff Of Uberon), Richard Katz (Male Glish), Remi Wilson (Piretti)

2: Hello, Queppu (18 Jan 06)

The crew are given the job of making first contact with an alien race called the Queppu, who react to their alien visitors by capturing them and sentencing them to death

Henderson falls in love with a beautiful Queppu princess, who manages to get him and his fellow crew members released.

Meanwhile, the ship has been left under the control of Technical Officer Jeffers. NOT a particularly good idea!

3: Weekend Off (25 Jan 06)

The crew are given a weekend off to prepare for and celebrate "Gary Neville Day".

The Cadets' Ball is well attended, but only one member of the crew (Teal) is willing to partake of "fine wines and wotsits" at the Commander's Dinner.

Vine has spent his savings on the purchase of an uninhabited planet which he has decided to call "Vineworld". He invites Jeffers to join him in a weekend away on his new world, which turns out to be totally inhospitable.

4: Asteroid (1 Feb 06)

Henderson and his crew are ordered to host peace talks between two warring alien races, the Lallakkiss and the Bulaah.

Henderson tries to hurry along the negotiations, which end in the two alien races uniting to declare war on Great Britain. Apparently, they objected to the fact that Henderson had a disputed asteroid blown up.

Starbase refuses to send any backup ships, so Henderson is faced with a battle against nine hundred alien spaceships.

5: Clare (8 Feb 06)

HMS Camden Lock is on a mission to locate a gang of drug smugglers. En route to their assumed location, the crew encounters Clare Winchester, a famous "round the galaxy" solo astronaut.

Henderson decides to pay her a visit, only to discover that years of isolation have made her mentally unstable. She's reluctant to let him return to his ship.

Meanwhile, a virus has infected the Camden Lock's computer system and the cyborg pilot is going haywire.

6: Assessment (15 Feb 06)

The crew of HMS Camden Lock have to take a series of routine psychological tests. When they fail miserably, the Space Marshall orders a "Category J" inspection of the ship.

Henderson knows that this type of inspection has NEVER been passed by any ship or crew, so he relinquishes his command and appoints Vine as his successor.

Vine is torn between two choices. Should he concentrate on getting the ship and crew into good shape for the inspection OR should he accept the chance to become a "galactic supreme being"?

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