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Waverley's Supermarket wants to buy a row of shops in a small town called Hatford. The plan is to demolish the shops and build a new hypermarket in their place.

Charlie McFee (Phil McCall) owns the shoe repair shop, which he runs with the help of his assistant Bob Farthing (Chris Pitt).

The wool shop is run by Mavis Drinkwater (Elizabeth Stewart) and her niece Susan (Victoria Hasted).

The flower shop is run by Rita Franks (Valerie Walsh) and her daughter Paula (Georgia Mitchell).

The junk shop is owned by Chesney Black (Ron Pember). Unlike the other shopkeepers, he wants to sell to Waverley's Supermarket.

The supermarket is represented by Sharpe (Johnny Shannon), Valentine (Martin Turner) and the Managing Director (Shirley Dixon).

Series: 1
Episodes: 6
Transmitted: 1989
Channel: ITV

London Weekend Television

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