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Press baron Twiggy Rathbone (Robert Hardy) takes over the day-to-day running of a failing daily newspaper, 'The Crucible'.

Rathbone 'promotes' editor Harry Stringer (Geoffrey Palmer) to 'Managing Editor' but makes sure he has no power. Then he brings in a new editor, Russell Spam (Robert Hardy), giving him the job of turning the newspaper into a sleazy downmarket 'rag'.

Spam reinstates Greg Kettle (Richard Kane), who had previously been sacked by Stringer. Kettle becomes the paper's leading 'sleaze merchant', inventing stories whenever he can't find any real ones.

Stringer later vanishes after a mysterious accident on an aeroplane. He's replaced as Managing Editor by Richard Lipton (Richard Wilson).

Series: 2
Episodes: 12
Transmitted: 1986-1988
Channel: ITV

London Weekend Television

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