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In 1959, Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell) leaves a university teaching post and takes a job as Entertainments Manager at Maplins Holiday Camp.

He immediately begins to attract the amorous attentions of the Chief Yellowcoat, Gladys Pugh (Ruth Madoc).

Other characters include comic Ted Bovis (Paul Shane), his assistant Spike Dixon (Jeffrey Holland), wannabe-Yellowcoat Peggy Ollerenshaw (Su Pollard), childrens' entertainer Mr Partridge (Leslie Dwyer), ex-jockey Fred Quilly (Felix Bowness) and dancing instructors Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves (Dianne Holland and Barry Howard).

Series 3 and 4 were made separately but shown "back to back" as if they were a single series. For this reason, some sources refer to the relevant episodes as "Series 3" and renumber subsequent series accordingly.

Series: 9
Episodes: 58
Transmitted: 1980-1988
Channel: BBC1

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