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The Second World War has ended and Harvey Moon (Kenneth Cranham) arrives back in London after service abroad. He finds that his family have been given the mistaken impression that he died during the war.

Harvey quickly discovers that his wife Rita (Maggie Steed) has been far from faithful while he's been away, his daughter Maggie (Linda Robson) has become romatically invlolved with his best friend Lou Lewis (Nigel Planer) and his baby son Stanley (Lee Whitlock) has grown up into a streetwise urchin.

Harvey does his best to rebuild a life which has been severely disrupted by the war.

After a ten-year gap, the programme was revived for a fifth series, with the role of Harvey Moon being taken over by Nicky Henson.

Series: 5
Episodes: 35
Transmitted: 1982-1995
Channel: ITV

Central Television
Meridian Television
Witzend Productions

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